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Not Sure What to Write About? Read This!

Last updated on October 9, 2020

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Perhaps you have a great story concept but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you don’t have anything. If you’re itching to write a story, well there’s lot of ways to tackle this and we’ll address these in future articles but here’s a really simple trick.

Step 1: Pick a simple story you know well.

This can be anything from a movie or novel you love or it can be something as simple as a nursery rhyme! For example, let’s pick a story we all know so well – Snow White.

Step 2: Retell your story from the perspective of the story you’ve picked. Now if you already had a story idea, it would make sense to pick a story that closely resembles your story idea.

Step 3: Write!

For the sake of demonstration I’m going to tell you my story summary (using the Snow White template).

A brilliant physicist Dr. Smarts is constantly overshadowed by his new post doctorate John. Each evening after he dismisses his class he goes to his laboratory where he converses with his AI computer. He asks his computer, based on social media trends how successful he is likely to become and each time he does he get’s the result he wants. He will be bigger than Einstein. Except his new student is doing really well having just published his research data in several big science journals. Now his computer predicts that John will be bigger than Dr. Smarts! Dr. Smarts pays a crook a few thousand dollars to kill John. However, when the deed comes – the crook finds out it’s his good childhood friend. Instead of killing him he let’s him know that Dr. Smarts wants to kill him. He tells him to hang low and contact the cops. John leaves and decides to head to his old childhood armpit of a town. There he hooks up with his old buddies who he finds never left Armpit City. The seven friends ask him to stay with them, etc….. [I think you see the picture]. Dr. Smarts finds out John is alive using his AI computer, who manages to track John’s credit card purchases and locate the city he’s in. Using a disguise, Dr. Smarts goes to town with vengeance. A cat and mouse fight ensues!

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